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Default Re: Top 100 albums list released!

Originally Posted by NYR 2008 Cup Champs View Post
So Peter Gabriel has four albums in the top 100 and Bob Dylan and Elvis have none and the Stones and Bowie have one?

It's a poorly constructed list at best. A very biased assessment of rock music. They should have called it "Chuck, Ted, Jerry and Howard's Favorite Rock Bands" instead.
Personally, I'm not a really huge fan of Peter Gabriel, either... but I'm also not totally in alignment with your preferred picks.

Dylan is one of the greatest singer/songwriters of all time, and his best albums are more often referred to as Folk, than Rock.

And to many, the "Rock n' Roll" genre of Elvis' time, deserves it's own rankings... separate from the "Rock" styles that emerged from the British Invasion.

Meanwhile, the Stones have a few great songs on every album... but may not have any great "albums" (where every song is captivating.) That's why their most popular album of all time, is Hot Rocks, the greatest hits collection... and you can't really evaluate "best of" collections, the same as you would the individual "albums" that were each created as a specific work of art.

And Bowie's albums arguably follow this same pattern of offering only a few great songs on each full-length recording (which in no way diminishes his lifetime body of work, as a whole.)

Just a few thoughts... to help illustrate that there indeed different perspectives on this subject.

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