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Default Re: Paradigm Reference Studio 100v4, CC-690, Studio ADP 570 & Servo 15v2 Subwoofer Re


Your room seems plenty big enough, but I do not know all the ins and outs of your situation there so tough to say. If you could move some things around, the 100's are truly stellar, and trust me, will more thsan fill that room size! Going smaller will obviously cost some bass, but with the right sub or subs you could compensate for that. My room is pretty large and opens on the rear to the kitchen and breakfast nook so my cubic feet aren't much different than yours I suspect. I would recomend, if you can do it, get the 100's and make the room for them, they will easily cover two channel listening, no sub needed. If not, as I said in the review, work down the line for what will fit your room and add sub/subs PRN. I must also add, the Servo 15 truly shook my skin on King Kong.... something no other sub has ever done to me and my 6'6" 250# frame, so if neighbors aren't an issue, consider getting one..... it's very musical and truly can blow the doors off most other subs!

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