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Smile DirecTV HR-20

I've had my HR20 for almost a year & when I first got it I was very dissapointed, the HDMI died on my first one, & the replacement was very unstable, there were constant problems that required a lot of resets.

I got in on a "beta" test of sorts on another website, it gave me the chance to download new software before it was released to the public.
A couple of times a month (at first) we got new software to test & after several versions were sucessfull it was made the national release.

The HR-20 is a much more stable device now & the upgrades are unlocking new capibilities like networking & VOD (Video On Demand).

We have been getting new software every week for about a month & each release makes the box better.

I have 2 HR-20-700's now & both are stable & easy to use, only one is networked so I download my VOD on that one.
The DVR is easy to use & that's the only way to watch TV now, time shifting to watch your shows when you want to is great, the new HD channels comming on line is just the icing on the cake!
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