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Default Re: BOSE = box only sound extra

HA ha, Tseriik, you are a poet and didnt know it. I can see the next ad campaign for a competing speaker company "bose blows"...

How the hell did Bose become such a huge, household name for speakers over companies that make 100x better products. I think it was the fact that they are the only speaker company you see advertising in mainstream media outlets on a consistent basis. Once you win the mindshare of the average housewife (not to sound sexist), you have a position of power. Almost all "big" speakers scare the average housewife so they build up in their minds that if they could only get "big sound from small speakers" then they would be willing to deal with having a speaker system in their living room.

The problem is that many people dont take the time to reasearch other makers of small speakers. They know the bose name, they heard that they were in Mercedes cars and they just end up ordering them without doing any research.
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