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Smile Re: Paradigm Reference Studio 100v4, CC-690, Studio ADP 570 & Servo 15v2 Subwoofer Re

You make a good point, My living room is on the smallish side (24'x30') The 60's or even the 40's (which look to be the same except for cabinet size) may fit my room better.
A pair of 40's with a CC590 & 2 ADP 590 surrounds & adding a 2nd PDR 12 comes in at $3995 & should sound great in a room like mine.

I'll have to listen to that setup at my local dealer.

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Moose,If you can give them room to breath they will reward you with bass to shake the house, and if you have an apartment/condo, produce levels that will rapidly get you to know the neighbors!

I'm in the country on a couple of acres, I have enough room between my house & my neighbors that they have never complained about the sound, & I have been known to crank up a good movie at 3am!!
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