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Default Re: Playstation 3 Price cut rumor

I'd love to have a good reason for buying the PS3. I just haven't seen any compelling games that will get me off of the fence yet. The BD movies are a nice enticement but i'm waiting for the players to mature a bit more and then get a dedicated high-end player for my reference system. I really don't care which format wins as long as one does. In the meantime I just got the latest Xbox premium system for $349 that has an HDMI output and will now put out a 1080p signal with very good surround sound. Halo 3 is stunniningly good, both in graphics and audio. But the best aspect of it is the game play and on-line experience. There are aspects of Microsoft that i don't like, but the on-line gaming is the benchmark for server setup. I plan on adding the shuttle for HD-DVD and see where the PS3 is heading. I'll likely own it eventually. Some would say that for the price of the Xbox console and shuttle i could have the PS3, but there is still not a game i care to play on the PS3 yet and i don't know how their on-line gaming interface is. I can't beleive that won't change but until then i'll be fragging on Halo.
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