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Default Re: HD Video Game Sales Boom Despite $50 Plus Prices

I thought I would add my two bits.

I have a CD collection that is over 1000, DVD collection nearing 300 and before that I had a vast record and tape collection. My spending has decreased dramatically with each passing year. I can't afford to keep replacing my music and video collections.

Ideally I would like to see music join the 21 century. Music videos have been around for several decades. Increase the value of music by including the music videos with high resolution music tracks. We are all getting into large screen TVs which are connected to multi-channel systems, it would be nice to use these systems to their fullest.

I will admit this past year I have purchased more music DVDs than CDs, just because I want to experience both the video and multichannel of my favorite music. I would like it more if the quality (24-bit, 96kHz) was part of the equation.

However the only way that will happen is through either Blu-ray or HD DVD. Either of these formats should be the next music format. The music industry should step up to the plate, pick one of the formats and start using it and forget the others.

Its time for a paradigm shift!
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