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Default Re: My Setups

Originally Posted by AudioGuy2007 View Post
Time, do you get alot of glare from the window behind the TV or are you like most of us and dont get to watch TV until the sun has long since gone down?
I placed the TV where it is at because when i had it on the opposite wall i did get glare. The window that is behind the TV is 16 feet wide. With it placed where i have it it is better but not optimum for day time watching. But i am like most of you where 95% of my TV watching (and gaming) is at night. Halo 3 is getting a lot of my time lately. It looks stunning at 1080p (the latest Xbox i just got has HDMI and outputs 1080p) and the surround sound is over the top. The exception is football on the weekends. A future upgrade i would like to have is motorized shades. it's on the wish list, which is ALWAYS getting longer.
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