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Default Re: Paradigm Reference Studio 100v4, CC-690, Studio ADP 570 & Servo 15v2 Subwoofer Re


These speakers are still in my main HT, and when it comes to movies and aggressive music, they are absolutely amazing, factor in the price and you would be really hard pressed (many, myself included) would say almost impossible to beat for the money. Your room looks to be small, and the 100’s do require a solid three feet plus behind them to really produce the bass they can output….. Something to consider when buying them, I tried them close to the rear wall (as it appears your current system is situated) and they were slightly off in the low end. If you can give them room to breath they will reward you with bass to shake the house, and if you have an apartment/condo, produce levels that will rapidly get you to know the neighbors!

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