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Angry Are network executives trying to Pi** us off?

First it was the network "Bug" in the corner of the screen letting us know we are watching their network, well I tuned to it so I know what I'm watching, now I cant read the translations on the History channel because the damn bug is covering 1/3 of it & older plasmas are permanently branded with them!

Tivo's & DVR's are everywhere, why is it so hard to flag your shows so my record series (season pass) doesn't miss half the new shows or record the old episodes I don't want to watch again?

Why must you waste 1/3 of the screen several times an episode with some cartoon animation that is nothing but more advertising for your network?

Why oh why must you use "Stretch-O-Vision?
Just because you are now an HD channel doesn't mean we should have to watch stretched out distorted SD programs!
Band of Brothers is one of my all time favorite series, I never miss it when it's on, until this weekend, History channel HD stretched their SD copy of the film to fill the screen & it looked like crap, I refused to watch it & sent them an email complaining about it!

And finally who decided it would be a good idea to have some shows 61 to 65 min long?
Does it keep me on that channel to watch the next show? NO! it pi**es me off when I miss the start of a show on another channel!

Honestly, who are these monkeys that are paid millions of $$$$$ to run the networks, is there enough people out there that these tricks work on that they continue to use them or are they just pi**ing everyone off?

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