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Default Re: Playstation 3 Price cut rumor

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
OK, they are getting close to me buying a PS3 now... I will likely never need a card reader (or do I for the PS3?) and can live without the backwards compatability (already sold off my PS2 and all games).

Is the 40G HD enough space for a minor league user??
40G is plenty, I have a 60G & with 6 games, 40 HD game & movie trailers, 6 ripped CD's, about 100 photos & my game saves from the PS2 I haven't used 40G yet.

I like the card reader myself, no it's not required for game saves or anything but I can take the memory card out of my camera & put it in the PS3 & see my pictures on my TV, of course it will still have USB ports & you could always put your pics on a USB thumb drive & watch them that way too.

Also I hear they are extending the 5 free Blu-Ray movies promotion.
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