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Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
The heat generated from tubes is certainly a consideration. I hopefully will get to hear a good tube amplifier soon. But, I think I side with you on the amplifier, I don`t know if I could trust a tube amplifier to run my speakers. However, I would try it in the preamplifier area. Especially when it comes to home theater and the power demands, transients, and explosions that occur.
The only consideration to be aware of when integrating a tubed pre into a HT is that it will add some tube effects to any channels using the HT pass through.

In other words - your R/L channels will have some "tube sound" while your center/surrounds will not - since the R/L signals are going through the tubes (even at 0 dB gain). It wasn't really noticeable during movie watching, but I did experiment with music that the passthrough sounded better than just going directly from my 861 to the amps.

With all that said - get a tubed pre and don't look back!
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