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Question Will 7.1 sound good?

I have been in the process of setting up my system for a year and have encountered a problem. The room I use is a converted carport 12' x 20' with the couch and TV backed up to the wall with 12' between them. I believe it is an acoustically dead room which is what I gather we want. Concrete floor covered with vinyl and 10' x 6' rug, 12' wall has 6' of windows and in front of it a 8' x 2' x 2' aquarium. 20' wall with 6' of sliding glass, 2' bookcase to the ceiling and AC hole filled with glass and one 3' doorway in each of the remaining walls. 2 front speakers are JBL Studio L 890 and I will get the JBL LC1 or 2 for my center. My rear are JBL Decade L26. Now here is my problem I have a pair of JBL Studio S36AW II 3-Way for my surrounds. What I read says they should be placed behind me and there is no behind me. The fronts are towers on the floor, the rears are on the wall even with the front of the couch and at standing ear level. Do I mount these surrounds over my head or do I forget about it and use 5.1? No sub yet. Any advise would be appreciated and I can give more details if needed.
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