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Question Re: HD Video Game Sales Boom Despite $50 Plus Prices

You know in my heart Jerry, I would like to see this happen. But, not that I want to accept this, but what Charly D is saying is exactly what Mark from AIX was saying, that older music like Jimi, or say Sly and the Family Stone, or Maiden Voyage by Herbie Han****, was recorded on the old analog stuff.

And while I do not want to hear it either, it does not seem, right now anyway, that there is any technology presently that can extract that analog info and turn into what we would like to call high resolution music.

Charly Ds alternative, about taking todays music and being able to buy music at its best, then putting it where you want it. Not a bad idea. What do you think of that?

But again, in all seriousness, the record companies do not see the vision here, so how can we, as music lovers, get this message out? Is there something we all can meaningfully do? To get them to listen, to make this a reality?
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