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Smile Re: How are you handling "overvoltage"?

Originally Posted by helmkera View Post
Perhaps this is not the place to ask, but what is considered "overvoltage"? There are areas (like mine) where the daytime voltage seems to range from 115 to 125v during the day and peaks to 130-135v in the evening and weekends. Obviously I am concerned about my MediaCenter PC, plasma TV, etc.

What is considered "overvoltage" and what devices are you using to combat it? I currently have an APC Back-UPS HT 1500VA which claims to do power conditioning as well as UPS functions, but am not sure that its an optimal solution.
Listen, I asked Paul McGowan at PS Audio about your problem. This is what he said to me. Over voltage is a serious problem. He said at 135, your are borderline dangerous, but most well designed equipment should be OK. He also said, one of the dangers you face is over volting the power supply capacitors over time. Not a good thing. One of PS Audio`s Premier Power Plants would work perfectly he says.
Check Paul out at
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