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Question iPod Playlist Shuffle

I have a beef with iPod in which someone might be able to enlighten me. The playlists on my iPod are decade specific (i.e. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s). The only options I see on my iPod settings are "shuffle songs" or "shuffle albums". If "shuffle songs" is selected, it shuffles every song on the iPod in its library which includes all songs in every playlist. If "shuffle albums" is selected, I understand it will play all songs in an "album/playlist" in its entirety in order (no song shuffle), then shuffle to another "album/playlist" and play all songs in order in its entirety.

Making a short story long; there are days I may want to listen to only 80s music, another day maybe only 70s music, AND want them shuffled within that playlist; and not listen to all of the songs in alphabetical order. The only workaround I have found so far is to delete the complete library in my iTunes and iPod, then reload only the music I'll want to shuffle for the next day at work. My Kenwood Music Keg that I use in the car has a "random" function to shuffle between all the songs on the selected playlist only, or a "magazine random" function that will shuffle between all songs on all playlists. It would be nice when you select "shuffle on", then be able to choose between the current "albums", "songs" options, but also a "playlists" option, upon which "playlists" would have an extra menu step to select the particular playlist you would like it to shuffle. Does the iPod lack this more advanced shuffle or maybe have something similar, or am I overlooking something?
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