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Thumbs up Re: Hosue of Linn Opens in UK

Originally Posted by Brian Morris View Post
Thanks Jerry and Deacongreg for your kind words about House of Linn. I should stress that HoL is independent of Linn Products Limited, just like all other Linn dealers. I, and House of Linn business partner Trevor Liddle, were for many years until recently senior employees of Linn. We decided some time ago that we wanted to provide clients with a different approach to auditioning and selling Linn systems and hence House of Linn, a real house! we have just opened. So if you want to hear what Linn can do for you, your music and your life, please feel free to arrange a visit and we will be delighted to meet you. The HoL website gives you a visual idea of the House and systems and hope you enjoy the website soundtrack as well!

Brian Morris |
Direct + 44 (0) 161 766 1021 | Mobile + 44 (0) 7918 120362
House of Linn Ltd. |
That you for your kind response and open invitation. My hats off to you and your partner to what I think is a great idea. The one on one personal experience that you will provide consumers, will separate you mightily, from your competitors.
Congratulations and great success in your new venture.
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