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Default Re: This top 100 band list is BOGUS - RUSH lower than STP?

[QUOTE=wharfrat89;3657]I am very open to many genres. Music is more than a hobby to me and i don't just listen to music i "know" music. I like to study the history and influence about the bands and artists i am listening to. Now this list has obviously been composed by a small demographic or maybe even one person for that matter who is trying to lead us on with the fact that it has some kind of hard statistical basis. Okay because im nice im going to lay it out for you all and give you some nice musical insight. And by the way you know a list is bull**** when the beatles are #2 and LED ZEPPELIN number #2. Sry to break the news but coming from a guitar player of 20 years Jimmy Page is not close to being the best. Jimi Hendrix will and will always be the greatest guitar player of all time. Thank god we have YOUTUBE to verify this.

I agree and disagree as everyone else does. You must be very naive to think Hendrix is the greatest. There are to many good ones to declare a #1 and there are a few better than Hendrix. There is Kim Simmonds of Savoy Brown and after 40 tears still alive and kicking. There is Johnny Winter after almost 50 years still alive and well. I once read an article in guitar player about Clapton and Winter and they said you could hook a midi up to clapton's brain and he couldn't cerebrally play as well as Winter can physically. I saw Michael Burkes downtown 4 or 5 years ago and he played Hey Joe, Machine Gun and Texas Flood so well it embarrassed Hendrix and Stevie Ray in there graves. Frank Zappas Shut up and play your guitar rivals if not surpasses Hendrix and Santana's Earths Cry Heavens Smile, truly amazing. Buddy Guy aftr 50 years is still doing the things that he used to do. Robin Trower just turned 60 last year and was on the road promoting his new record and is still to rolling stoned. I haven't heard from Frank Marino in a while, but also rivaled Hendrix, about equal in talent. There is John McGlaughlin, Al Dimeola, Alvin Lee and a chameleon named Joe Bonamasa. Hendrix like to play alot of scale, you the doe,re, me stuff, don't get me wrong I love Hendrix but there is better. The Beatles were just a flash in the pan playing little kid music and don't belong anywhere near the top. I for one was grateful when the dead finally were dead. If you use the Yardbirds you can kill 3 birds with one stone, Clapton(when his name meant something),Beck and Page. Listen to the Yardbirds live at the Anderson Theater in 1966 and You will wonder why Page let Zeppelin drag him down. Don't misunderstand me again I love Zeppelin. Jethro Tull belong in the top 5 Ian tuned 60 last month and still gig 10 months a year. Granted it takes them awhile to get in your neck of the woods, it takes about 2 years to play for all of the adoring fans in the world. A lot of your up and coming guitar players have been trying to emulate Martin Barre for 20 years now. Someone keeps bringing up Rush, so I will throw in my 2 cents worth. If it weren't for Neil Peart they would be nothing and haven't put out anything with any merit since 2112. Neil Young is the best Canadian rocker hands down(Rust Never Sleeps Movie). I totally agree with your comments about the Stones and Metallica.
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