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Question How are you buying your Blu-Ray collection?

Are you going to sell all your DVD's on Ebay & get everything on Blu-Ray?
Keep your DVD's & Only buy new movies on Blu-Ray.
Buy a few select titles that you already own on Blu-Ray & get all the new releases on Blu-Ray .
or only buy select titles on Blu-Ray & still get most of my movies on DVD.

I don't have a large DVD collection (around 300 movies) I only bought movies that I knew I'd like & would watch multiple times but I'll be keeping all my old DVD's (I only bought wide screen versions even before I had a widescreen TV) But I will buy my favorite movies again (about 20 titles total) & after that all my new movies will be Blu-Ray.
I haven't bought a DVD since I got my Playstation 3.
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