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Default Re: This top 100 band list is BOGUS - RUSH lower than STP?

Originally Posted by wharfrat89 View Post
Sry to break the news but coming from a guitar player of 20 years Jimmy Page is not close to being the best. Jimi Hendrix will and will always be the greatest guitar player of all time.
Duuuude......... I'm confused...

You bag on Jimmy Page, because Jimi "is the greatest"... but then you place Clapton above Jimi??

Or maybe, you are praising Cream because of Ginger Baker's drum solos??


Jimi created some amazing tracks...

Cream created a few masterpieces...

but EVERY TRACK on Zep I & II is incredible... and that's not even including Stairway, Over the Hills and Kashmir!!

ZEPPELIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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