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Question Where do you buy your Blu-Ray movies?

Do you buy at a B&M store, Online or do you just rent?

As for me I have about 40 Blu-Ray movies but only bought 3 movies at Best Buy, because I had reward points to spend & I had just got my Playstation 3 & wanted to watch a Blu-Ray movie right away.
All the rest I got online at
Amazon was much cheaper by $5-$10 on each movie, also Amazon has so far always had the movie I wanted in stock, add in free shipping & no tax & that's a big savings over the B&M stores.

I understand it's a supply & demand thing but if the B&M stores want to supply me with Blu-Ray movies then I demand they bring down the prices & keep a reasonable stock.
A couple of dollar difference isn't a big deal & I'd buy localy in that case, but at what I save by shopping online I don't see my shopping habits changing anytime soon.

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