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Default Re: Is Warner’s Hybrid “Total HD” Disc Dead?

Originally Posted by Stokestack View Post
Hybrid discs and combo players merely perpetuate this asinine war. The hybrid format should be DVD/Blu-Ray, not two HD formats.

It's unfortunate that Toshiba floated its lame "lower capacity but cheaper to produce for the time being" format. The result is that the entire industry has missed the boat; the most likely outcome is that we will now never have a higher-capacity physical medium. We'll go directly to downloaded, even more highly compressed material.
A sadly uninformed statement, With regards to movies and disc capacity there has always been enough capacity on either HD format. Now that the HD-DVD specification includes triple layer dics, they exceed the curently available capacity of Blu-Ray... so what!?

I agree that the format war doen't help anybody, but to quote storage capacity as being the reason to choose Blu-ray is just poor logic.

We certainly didn't need any additional HD disc formats and maybe downloadable media is the future, but for now we are stuck with yet another try by Sony to dominate the market...
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