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Cool Re: Sony KDS-R70XBR2 70-inch SXRD HDTV

I didn't know it accepted 1080p/24, that is a nice plus!!

I do have a Blu-Ray player (and about 40 movies), the Playstation 3 which is HDMI 1.3 & it will output at 1080p/24, now I just need to find some software that also outputs it!!
I do agree, a good Blu-Ray movie really shows what this set will do & what HD is all about!

I never really considered a projector, although the Sony VPL VW50 1080p projector set up would be about the same price (retail not what I paid) as the 70" XBR2.
Maybe one day when I can build a dedicated Home theatre it will be an option though.
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