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"Hi, my name is Earl . . . and I'm a vinyl junkie!"

That could certainly have been my mantra a few years ago until CD technologies finally improved to the point that I was willing to give up a tiny bit of that elusive airiness for the sheer pleasure of just hitting the remote for my 300 CD changer and being able to almost instantly enjoy nearly every song in my collection. Got to admit it's so much more convenient than the whole song & dance of carefully opening a vinyl sleeve, extracting the LP, opening the dustcover on the TT, placing the record on the platter, turning on the TT, cleaning the LP, lowering the arm, closing the dustcover, etc.

As regards the iPod, Gary Yacoubian, CEO of Myer-Emco in the metro DC area, made a rather long presentation at the PARA conference a couple of years ago about how retailers who weren't enthusiastically embracing this technology were missing out on a lot of nice sales (and not serving their customers well). They'd recently re-trained their sales staff to ask every customer who they encountered if they had an iPod. If they answered "no" they told them about the technology. If they answered "yes" they asked if they had it with them (over 50% did) and promptly put it into one of their upgrade "dock" offerings and proceeded to show them how much better their music could sound when played back through good electronics and speakers. End result? Their sales of docking stations and 2.1 speaker systems skyrocketed!
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