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Wink Re: HDMI Connect ???

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
You will be able to use many DVD-A's via HDMI however you will be listening to the DD or DTS soundtrack, a TRUE DVD-A disc will not transmit over the HDMI cable, so you would be short changing yourself resolution of the format for convienence.

You should also be able to accept DD/DTS from your cable or satelite box over HDMI, as this is the highest resolution audio you get for TV, it is fine. Again you could also do it via a coaxial or optical digital connection if you so desired.

I suspect when you try an SACD you will not have multichannel audio with this setup and will need the analog connections I mentioned earlier.
OK, but the operation manual of 980 Saids:

HDMI is a wonderful thing. A single cable can transport both audio AND video from your DVD
player to your display. Be aware, however, that HDMI is an evolving standard, and there
could be compatibility issues. The OPPO DV-980H supports HDMI v1.1 and v1.2a audio. A
receiver that supports HDMI v1.1 is required in order to play multi-channel audio for all
formats, including DVD-Video/Audio and SACD (SACD DSD audio converted to multichannel
PCM). A receiver that supports HDMI v1.2a with DSD over HDMI is required in
order to natively play SACD DSD audio without conversion. If the receiver supports HDMI
1.0 only, DVD-Audio and SACD will NOT be able to be sent via HDMI. To utilize DVD-Audio
or SACD, please see next section for multi-channel analogue audio connection.

This is correct?
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