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HT Junky,

While I am not a vinyl guy, I can say that I've heard some of the best CD players made A-B'd to excellent vinyl rigs and they can and do hold there own in a different way. The sound is smoother and more natural, my problem with the format (snap, crackle and pop as you said) is just that, you end up spending tons of time and energy, not to mention $$ to keep your records clean, the TT sort of by definition is finicky, so being a modern man, I prefer the ease and simplicity of digital audio.

Don't get me wrong, all my old vinyl is still stored and one day I will own a TT, my problem is I know how I am and my foray into vinyl will not be cheap as I am unwilling to accept less than exceptional in my system.

I guess I am saying I understand both sides of this coin, and for me it sits on the edge, slightly tilted to digital with a strong magnetism towards analog.....
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