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Question Album Art

I was ripping a bunch of CD's to my hard drive today & within a few seconds of when I started ripping the program had found the album art & play list & I got to wondering, how the heck does it do that?

A have a bunch of CD's from the mid eighties & that was a long time before anyone thought about ripping CD's since hard drives back then would barely even hold a single CD so I know the album art isn't on the CD.
I mean I had a CD that was a freebie from Blockbuster that was called something like Hollywood sound tracks & it even found that album art almost instantly!
It couldn't find the album art for Lynyrd Skynyrd Gold & Platinum but that was the only one out of the 150 or so CD's I ripped today that it didn't find the artwork for (but I did find it manually).

So I was just wondering if anyone knew how the heck it finds the album art for these old Cd's?
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