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Default Re: Xbox Elite has HDMI!

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I believe it will output 1080p but it is not HDMI 1.3 like the Playstation 3.
That means that any movies played on the optional HD DVD add-on will be limited to standard Dolby Digital soundtracks, not the higher resolution Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, or DTS-HD Master Audio.

I also believe the standard 360 version will also have HDMI so the only diffrence between the 360 & elite will be the hard drive size & color.
You also want to get as new of a build as possible since they will have been modified already with bigger heat sinks to (hopefully) ward off the red ring of death.
The early Elite systems had audio issues associated with HDMI where you couldn't get sound out of them if you had another component between your TV and you console (i.e. pre-pro or receiver). Microsoft acknowledeged the flaw by shipping an adaptor that would connect to the d-sub connector with only the optical port on it so you could plug both the HDMI connector and the adaptor cable in at the same time (the component cable that comes with the console covers the HDMI port so you can't have both). That way you could at least have 5.1 audio. With trepidation I found and bought the latest Xbox premium system with HDMI (don't know yet what version it is. Since nothing else i have at the moment is 1.3. It doesn't matter for me), hoping that the issue had been resolved (I don't know if this is the Zephyr or not). When i unpacked it i found that there was no optical out adaptor so i kept my fingers crossed when i ran it through my Anthem D2 and "VOILA", it worked! The Anthem shows that the Xbox is running at 1080p and the sound is glorious! My first test was with Halo 3. HOLY $#&@*!!! Jaw dropping!
As to the 1.3 there are still issues with whether your getting the true color and full bit rate sound, even between components that both have the 1.3 version of HDMI. I'm going to be comfortable with what i have for a while before i tred in those waters...
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