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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
Their sales argue that I don't know what I am talking about so at that level I will take my licks but for the life of me I can understand a) why Bose doesn't backwards engineer better product and b) market to the influence makers. For Monster, I have NO problems with their products. I just wish they supported the high end where they came from with more than a drive in Noel's Lamborghini.
The sad truth is that only 3 people from our industry made the Forbes 400 list this year: Amar Bose, Dick Schulze (Best Buy) & Ray Dolby (Dolby Labs), successful as they both are, neither Sidney Harman nor Noel Lee qualified! To answer your questions (at least, IMHO):
1. Dr. Bose (and his extremely large, mostly MIT-trained engineering staff) firmly believe in the design concepts behind their products and honestly feel that they've designed the best possible solutions for the majority of consumers.
2. They long ago abandoned the influence makers (too much chance for a bad review - publish a negative review of a Bose product and you'll soon hear from their attorneys) and, instead, focus all of their considerable marketing might keeping their "message" in front of the great unwashed (they still re-invest something like 15% of their gross revenues into marketing, a valuable lesson Dr. Bose learned early on which has greatly contributed to their ongoing success).
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