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Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
You were talking about branding in another thread, Bose has built one hell of a brand name for themselves despite deplorable sound. I personally am appalled at systems like that! I have a colleague whos home has been in several HT mags, his house is gorgeous, but hes using a mid level Sony receiver for his main HT. It depresses me, show me a cool room and stock it with GOOD HT gear and I am impressed. Hell, give me an empty room and put solid gear in it and I would be more impressed!
yeah, but have you ever encountered someone who owns a Bose system (particularly if it's Lifestyle or 3-2-1) who doesn't think that they own "high end"? Simply amazing but kudos to them for being the best marketers in our industry (even better than Noel Lee) and for, at least, having better-than-average build quality - their field failure rate of all products for their entire 40-year history is somewhere down around 1%, largely because they instituted AQL standards for their QA programs over 35 years ago (a necessity for their military biz) - long before most manufacturers had even heard of them!
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