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Default Re: Home Theater Companies Making Gear For Every Room of the House

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Well, if the "House of Linn" takes off, this might be a way for items or products of this sort to make it. Its true even here, that there are very few retailers left, to carry such products. it works for Bose, because they have a Bose store.

In White plains here, Lyric hi - Fi, would be the only retailer to carry these products. And, most of their business now is, installs. Very little walk in retail business. This is what made the "Listening Room" in Scarsdale close up its retail store, rent a house, and have appts. exclusively for home theater installs.

Changiing times.
hopefully you're right . . . however, with both Bose and Sony adding new stores the "dumbing down" of CE retail looks as if it's winning . . . B&O made a valiant effort but most of those stores are now closed so Linn definitely has an uphill battle to fight

about 30 years ago I was asked by Sidney Harman to write a white paper on what it would take (and what the current distribution consequences would be) if Harman International (which at the time consisted of JBL, harman/kardon, Citation, Rabco, Ortofon, Tannoy and Bolivar Speaker Works) were to open their own retail stores in metro NY . . . as I recall, my conclusions were that it would take at least 7-8 locations, several million $ of investment and would probably cost us every retailer we had in the market (which included Harvey's - with 15 stores, Leonard Radio, Lyric HiFi, Rabsons, Stereo Exchange, Tech HiFi, etc.) . . . the fact that Bose and Sony have pulled it off just shows how important "branding" can be when retailers carry products that their suppliers also sell through their own stores; however, if you were a retailer today would you carry either of these brands? Why not? Their products are high quality and they regularly generate margins as high as most others and a significant portion of your store traffic is going to be asking for them. The times truly are a changin'.

btw, we're almost "neighbors" . . . I'm just a few miles upriver from you in Croton-on-Hudson (VT is where we weekend and will be retiring in 2-3 years)
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