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Red face Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

After using, breaking & replacing many "Cheap" cables like the ones that come with the components or radio shack specials I broke down & bought some Monster Cables & speaker wires.
Please don't start hammering me about how Monster is just marketing hype, some A/V sites I go to have so much Monster & Sony bashing that it's just unbearable.

I didn't buy the Monster brand for sound or vision quality, my ears ring from too many race cars & rock concerts & I need glasses to read what I'm typing.
I bought Monster for 1 reason, build quality, I'm always moving components, adding new equipment & generally doing a lot removing & replacing cables & wires.
In all the years I've used Monster cables I have broken 1 & it was replaced for free from a store that I didn't originally buy it at.
I have bought cables other than Monster, Most recently HDMI cables from
They aren't the quality of Monster but I was not going to spend $120 each for 4 HDMI cables to hook my system up when I got 4 HDMI cables for less than 1/2 the price of 1 monster.
So far they are working just fine.

Do I hear or see a diffrence with expensive cables? No.
Will I spend as much on cables as I would for a new car? No!
But I will spend a premium for well built cables that I don't have to worry about the ends coming off when I'm changing equipment.

I'm sure there are people that can hear the diffrences in interconnects & wires, either that or there a lot of people with money to burn beacuse there are a bunch of companies selling this stuff for more than what I paid for my house so some one is keeping them in buisness!

If it works for you, great, but I believe that for most of us who have abused their ears when they were young there just isn't enough of a diffrence to justify the expendature.
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