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Originally Posted by coppy View Post
As a forty five year Hi-Fi hobbist and Music lover... good tube equipment adds a demension that no solid state amps at any price that I've heard can duplicate.

You may or may not agree based on your personal preference for music and sound... but the airy, open, stunningly realistic sound of a good tube amp is just plain exciting.

I'm running Conrad Johnson's Act 2 series 2 tube preamp and their LP 140 monoblock amplifiers into a very revieling set of Wilson WP7s so if it's there you hear it. Someone who enjoys very loud music with predominately heavy base lines played through a pair of subwoofers may feel otherwise. The "right there" feeling of listening to unamplified, acoustic live music is what it's all about for me.

All the best... enjoy.
Coppy -

Can't agree more! I don't use tube amps but the difference I noticed when I inserted my ARC LS26 pre-amp into my system was absolutely magical. What the tubes can do to a soundstage is simply amazing. I do not plan to go back to an all solid-state setup..
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