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Default Re: My Friend's new Lamborghini

Thanks! I love my DB9, however I do have a DBS on order so it will get replaced. To answer your question what I have as well as the WP 6's, I have all Audio Research. A VS55 amp, an LS17 preamp, a CD3, a DAC5 and a PH5 phono preamp for my Clearaudio turntable (that's off the top of my head I hope I got the model #'s right). Now, I'm not too tech when it comes to my equipment, but I think I have a pretty good setup. My A/V guy really takes care of me and I trust him 100% since I knew what I wanted my system to sound like and he put it together, couldn't have done it without him. He's as big an Audiophile as he is a Carphile! (?).
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