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Default Re: My Friend's new Lamborghini

Originally Posted by DB9 Guy View Post
Now this is topic that I can definately chime in on many levels. As you can see by my screen name I'm an Aston Martin fan, I have a DB9. Don't knock the green color until you see it in person, it's an amazing pearl metallic 3 stage paint, but again it's not for everyone. I personally think all the bright colors that Lambo has makes them stand out and they work on all their models, just the way I think Aston's look better in the more subdued colors. Take for instance, I was up in Monterey in August for the Italian car event and they colors in the Lamborghini section were unreal (made the Ferrari's look dull, don't worry I'm not knocking them, I had a 355). My good friend (and my A/V guy) is the biggest Lambo nut I know, has owned 7 of them over his lifetime and just recently sold his Gallardo in that exact green. He also had a Countach like the one you mentioned Jerry, it was pearl white I think an '86, wish I'd know him then. Anyway, I did get to drive his Gallardo the day he sold me my DB9 (he's head of the Lamborghini brand at Lamborghini/Aston Martin/Bentley Beverly Hills) and I do have to say for a V10 (my DB9 is a V12) it's a rocket, one of the best driving and handling cars out there. However, I am still an Aston guy
Another Aston Martin fan!! Congratulations on your Aston. I`m show you enjoy it immensely!
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