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Default Re: is there a good way for a beginner to calibrate a sub?

Neil Peart,

I have not yet used the Integra 9.8 you have, but you might find some help with it. First off, you need to properly position the sub for your room. An old and reasonably helpful way to quickly do this is put the sub in your listening position and run a test tone, then walk around the room to find where it has a good sonic balance (sounds even across the frequencies). Then try the sub in that spot.

I agree with the above posts about checking your speakers manuals etal, but find sometimes crossover points are off by this method. Many speaker makers quote the lowest reproduced frequency (especially when not accompanied by +- dB indicators!) the speaker can do, so you might need to raise the crossover in this case. Some represent the other way due to extreme integrity, and you would need to lower the crossover of your sub to mate with these speakers.

How do you know what is right??

Your ears will tell you! I personally like to use MC audio to setup subs as it gives me a reference, movies are difficult to truly 'know' what they should sound like, but zI know what a drum should sound like.

This is a good start for sub balance, EDA is right, unless the 9.8 has room correction (I think it does have Audessy??) then I would use that as well.

Ken Taraszka, MD
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