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Thumbs up Re: Hosue of Linn Opens in UK

I know this is a brand new venture, but this is superb. I truly love the idea. A very good way for people to learn about the high end. Get treated professionally and with the right customer service and attention.
This is sorely missing in the AV industry today. I only hope that if this goes well in the UK, it is adopted here. And not only by Linn LTD. I can see a company like Harman International, with all its brands underneath their umbrella, doing well with this.

Could you imagine, having an appointment for say, "The House ofHarman?" seeing Revel, Mark Levinson, Lexicon, etc. setup in rooms for you to demo. This could be the ReBirth of High End.
Especially with Home theater, now on the rise. This is good news.
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