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Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Apparently what a "Publisher-CEO" thinks is a budget system isn't the same as a Firefighter thinks is a budget system!!


I think you missed my point.

My house is maybe worth $3,000,000 and I have the mortgage to PROVE it. 2400 feet x $1250 per foot (going rate for a fully finished house on 1.25 acres in West LA). Most projects are WAY WAY WAY WAY more money than that. Look at that $11,750,000 spec house. The Beverly Hills Post and Beam got a $20,000,000 offer and he FLATLY turned it down. My house couldn't be their guest house!!!!

I was actually REALLY worried about posting my house as I thought it just wasn't grand enough of a house for MHT. I did want to show a modest house being fixed up as well as a theater with COOL gear being integrated into a home more like the way people who can afford the gear live. Not just piles of gear - system integration. I think this "walk the walk" approach seporates us from other notable publications as I and MANY on my staff live the life of high end AV. Just ask KennyT!!!!!
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