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Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Apparently what a "Publisher-CEO" thinks is a budget system isn't the same as a Firefighter thinks is a budget system!!
Be nice, be nice!!

I do not really care about celebs either, unless like moosepond said, they have a great system and shared some ideas about what they wanted in the systems.
In fact, and this may have changed some now, but I find in magazines, or shows like MTV cribs, celebs and athletes, to me, don`t really have great systems. And they have the means to do so.
When I first subscribed many years ago to AudioVideo Interiors, I was amazed at some of the beautiful homes, but was shocked at the lack of high quality high end systems in these homes. It left me with feeling that the homes were incomplete, without a great system.
And that is saying something, because a lot of these homes were beautiful. But all they had were Sonance in wall speakers, and a couple of subs!!
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