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Smile Re: My Friend's new Lamborghini

I have always loved the Gallardo over the Ferrari`s. Though I`ve driven neither of them. I actually like what I believe is the futuristic look of the car. I saw a platinum silver Gallardo in Stony Point, and it looked fantastic in that color.

Andrew, since the earlier Sean Connery James Bond films when I was a very young man, I loved the Aston Martins. I would love to drive in all black, the Aston Martin top model, the Vanquish, with the $20,000 Linn system installed in it. If they still make it. Sound and a nice exotic car rolled into one!!

Jerry, your good friend kind of resembles Bob James, (they way he looks now) jazz piano player. But that color on the Gallardo? It certainly will stick out. Especially in CT.
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