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Thumbs up Re: Do you still go "out" to the movies?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I haven't been to a movie since the screening of Deuce Biggalo (not kidding).

I am sitting in my theater watching football for the second day in a row (USC and Eagles) with a pile of Blu-rays and HD DVDs waiting for me if I feel the mood.

Honestly, I would just rather watch movies at home and I am willing to wait for them on video. Netflix has reduced my investment for movies (storage is an issue too).

I just dont see the nostagic value of seeing a movie in the theater. I actually think the cineplex is an endangered species.

IMAX is a different experience. Today's kids need that kind of WOW factor.
IMAX is the key. After seeing Batman Begins in IMAX, my movie experience was heightened. Only problem is, all the movies I may like to see, are not always shown in IMAX.

Jerry, I guess you are excited about yesterday`s Eagles game. 56 points is quite an explosion. I guess McNabb is still upset, and took his frustrations out on the field. My Giants finally got a victory.

I guess I know exactly where you and I will be this Sunday night at 8:00pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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