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Thumbs up Re: What do you think of Sunfire's cinema ribbon speakers?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I got to spend some time with Bob at the EHX expo in Orlando recently, what a super nice guy! He will gladly sit and geek out over audio for unlimited time, he gave me the complete history of the CR's dating back to Koss's original audio papers and his own research since. Then kindly regailed me with the reason they were made (his wife really did tell him to get rid of his floor standing speakers!!) and just what it took to create them. He was a joy to meet, and as enthusiastic as they come. He is not a young man, even though all the pictures you see of him are usually with the great 70's hair he had, yet you wouldn't guess his age by his energy. He is truly passionate about audio!
That is great to hear kennyt. I`ve always admired Bob Carver. From his earlier Phase Linear amplifiers, and his 3 - dimensional Holographic preamplifier, and now his Sunfire amplifiers and speakers, I `ve always have felt that Bob has not got his just do. Its good that you had a great time with him.
I`ve been wondering actually since HE2007, with what you and I heard from Bel Canto, wouldn`t it be intere sting or nice if Bob would re - introduce his "Magnetic Field Amplifier"to the marketplace. Its small in dimensions like the Bel Cantos, plenty of power, I believe it was 205 watts per channel. And it would fit, like the Bel`s, in very easy into more home theater installations.
What do you think about that?
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