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Default Re: Best 5.1 music mix ever?

Originally Posted by ScottV View Post
The demo disc that came with my Acura TL - It has some Doobie Brothers, Blue Man Group, and Dire Straits tracks as well as others I can't tink of at the moment. A great demo of what 5.1 can do for audio.
I`m not sure who it was, I think Stereophile, did a review of the trend of high end companies getting invovled in car audio. Mark Levinson (lexus), Harman International (BMW), Bang and Olufsen (Audi), and the mentioned Acura. The Mark Lev system for Lexus has been the winner for 3 ears in a row for overall sound and balance.

But, if memory serves, the Acura system was right behind with great reviews. I just can`t put my finger on, who designed the system. But it was someone prominent in the AV industry.
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