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Default Re: wants to know

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
Moose, but your request for 4-6 isn't entirely reasonable for $2K. From what I've seen 4 to 6 HDMI input receivers are running roughly $3K+.

We just did a review of the Paradigm Studio v.4's last month. Did you happen to catch it?

And to everyone. HD camcorders, esspecially HDV ones, are a hobby of mine and something I'd be more than happy talking about. Should we talk about it Jerry?

Whoever said I was reasonable! LOL!
Also according to This story on C/Net The sherwood R-972 that was shown at CES in January & is susposed to be comming out this August has 6 HDMI 1.3 inputs & should cost around $1500.
But you are correct as far as current recievers are concerned.

Yes I did see the Paragidm review, it pretty much confirmed that my choice was correct on the v4's.
I was just wondering who else is in Paradigms class when it comes to high end sound at real world prices.
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