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Default Lighting Control is a must for every audiophile and theater junkie

I was sitting in my theater watching the Eagles (in HORRIBLE looking uniforms) destroy the Detroit Lions and used my Lutron Grafix Eye to adjust the lights in my room on one of the settings so that I kept the screen dark but had light to read my Dobber Guide for fantasy hockey towards the back of the theater. It really was the best of both worlds.

For music, I am able to make the room VERY dark with only little beams of light that I can control from my Crestron which REALLY makes the music sound better when you aren't looking at all the gear and or are destracted by looking at beaming reflections from speakers etc... Psycoacoustics is what I belive the scientists call it.

A small Lutron is about $500 to $800 and an electrican is likely needed to install it. You don't need a Crestron to control it. I bet a Harmony can do it and Lutron has their own affordable remote which I used to use in the old days at Cello LA with great results too.

The WOW-factor for the dollar is REALLY worth it. I do RECOMMEND the bigger Grafix Eye (six zone). Despite the increased cost - the ability to control all of the different zones allows for you to get REALLY custom with your presets.
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