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Thumbs up House of Linn Opens in UK

This new store is run by an old fried of mine, Brian Morris. If you are in the area - be sure say hello.


House of Linn is a new independent consultancy and true centre of excellence for reference demonstrations, sales, installation, service, upgrades, advice and aftercare for all Linn source, control and playback components and systems. House of Linn offers clients the opportunity to audition the Linn range of high performance analogue and digital playback components and systems, all of which set new performance levels for music and movies. Linn entertainment systems can deliver the experience of live performance in the home and House of Linn was conceived and designed to thrill customers who experience the Linn demonstration.

House of Linn welcomes Linn owners and new clients to enjoy the complete Linn experience.
- “House of Linn is a real house for you to discover what Linn can do for you in your home”. House of Linn is a showcase for the full range of Linn music and video performance options. House of Linn’s four principal demonstration rooms are real living rooms, in addition to Linn multi-room audio installed and distributed to Hallways, Bathroom and Bedroom systems.

“We see clients only by appointment and we see only one client at a time”. At House of Linn we make sure that each client has enough time to relax and enjoy the experience of a live event with the music and video performance offered by Linn.

Occupying a recently renovated large Victorian home, House of Linn Ltd is independently owned and operated by two former senior employees of Linn Products Limited who in fact were once customers of Linn before joining the company! Now, after many years of marketing, demonstrating and selling Linn components and systems and enthusing people the world over with Linn’s musical performance, House of Linn can offer clients a true consultancy service. Our knowledge and experience of proper Linn installation means that clients are able to understand, appreciate and enjoy the unique and sublime music and movie experience throughout the Linn range.

House of Linn invites you to make an appointment when considering further investment in music or cinema systems. Or, you can simply help us feel even more at home by contacting House of Linn just for advice. Either way, we are certain you’ve never heard it so good!

+44 (0) 161 766 1021
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