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Default Re: Anyone using a USB DAC...

I have an entry-level computer setup using Foobar2000 v0.8.3> Scott Nixon usb chibidac> RadioShack 15-242 RCA cables> MisterX PPA w/Glassman 2nd Gen. buffers> Cardas cable> Senn. HD600. The PPA was bought used and later modified with the discrete buffers; and the HD600 was bought used off of ebay. Total system cost was about $875. I did a mini-review of the DAC on The newer "UFO" version used JFET buffers and about a $100 premium; the sound is said to approach his older tube buffered version. The only hassle is that my speakers (Cambridge Megaworks 550) still get their signal through an op-amp modded Audigy2 which requires you to switch sources in Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices through the Control Panel when going back and forth. After much research I plan to upgrade the tired 5.1 speakers to Event ALP5 / S100 for a nice 2.1 setup.
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