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Default Re: What is the last AV item you purchased online and where did you hear about it?

Well actually Microsoft has never made a profit on the Xbox or the Xbox 360 & Nintendo just started making money again on home consoles with the Wii, before that it was pretty much just the DS as the gamecube didn't do much last generation & Sony is still making their money on the 120 million PS2's that are still out there while they are waiting for the PS3 to hit it's stride, that's where Sony outsmarted Microsoft as they dumped the original Xbox as soon as the 360 was released.

Also if I have the PS3 & want a driving game I can get Gran Turismo where the 360 has Forza Motorsports, Even with the exclusives there are plenty of shooters, fighters, driving games & etc on both systems so you don't have to own both systems to get the games you want.

Now if you want any movie made by Sony you have to own a Blu-Ray player because you know Sony won't be releasing any of it's movies on HD-DVD.

I hope Blu-Ray wins since that's what I own but I think there really needs to be a winner in the format war.
If there is a clear winner I think it will hold off the downloadable movies for a long time.
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