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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

I'm just now jumping in on the forum. I have to say strutter, the klipsch have impressed me quite a bit. In fact, I'm using the ProMedia 2.1 system as I type. They have been an amazing purchase. Buying these actually caused me to go and audition the reference series. I don't know if it's the way they had it set up (best buy). Or the room. Of coarse, he then put on some Vienna's that were way out of my price range, and they sounded great. I was really hoping to fall in love with the klipsch. I have also auditioned and am saving up for some B&W CM series. They are excelent, and if you get a chance to hear them, take some time and open your ears. The don't have the dynamic piercing effect of Klipsch, but still extended and controlled and wide open... excellent mids. Plus the great sound stage is what blew my mind. As far as price, they are but a step up of a few hundred compared to the Klipsch Reference, but bring you to a totally new performance level. IMO.
I've been reading AVrev for quite a while, I'm curious to see how this form turns out. Cheers guys!
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