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Default Re: SACD and DVD-Audio, Doomed Formats?

Originally Posted by Kato View Post
What I want is high def digital audio. To put it more succinctly: Will high def digital audio eventually (or fairly quickly) move to one or both of the new high def AV formats and doom SACD and DVD-Audio?

The "disc" business is a "commodity" business. In other words, the record labels are NOT into "custom printing" small quantities of discs... they are into supporting mass-production quantities.

Therefore, the go-forward formats are DVD (both SD and HD) and Blu-ray (for the time being.)

The good news, is that both of these HD disc formats offer UNCOMPRESSED hi-rez audio, which means there is NO more need for the DVD-A and SACD interim technology.

And once there are millions of new HD players fueling a consistently high level of HD discs, it will become reasonably profitable for the record labels to release "music only" titles... with uncompressed 24/96 2.0 and 5.1 music... as an addition to our collection of favorite movies and videogames.

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